Lagna Geet (wedding  music & songs)

Indian Wedding Ceremony Music DJ 

Wedding day is one of the most important day in your life. You and your partner are the highlight and the most important people of the day. It is our wish to shine it for you to remember and be remembered for this wonderful occasion.

With our 25 years’ musical expertise and knowledge we can bring perfection to your special day, just the way you would like it. We meet prior to the wedding to create a playlist of your choice including any special requirements. Every priest is slightly different in performing the ceremony and it is our mission to harmonise our music coordinating with his ceremony. Harshila was a Gujarati presenter at Sunrise Radio and with her sweet voice can make your entry very special one and if required can provide commentary in English explaining the main rituals of the wedding.

We have recorded our own albums of wedding songs and combine these traditional songs matching each ritual. These include songs for Ganesh Pooja, Ponkhana, groom entrance, madhupark, bride entrance, jai mala, kanyadan, varmala, haste melap, fera, saptapadi(vows), feeding sweets, sindur, akhand saubagyavati  and ashirwaad. Melodic background music of shehnai, santoor, sitar, flute, bollywood and other instruments  is played when the priest is explaining the ceremony.  Hindu Wedding Ceremony music is at its best with combination of all the music.

It is always our intention to highlight the entry of the Bride and groom with special music, songs and effects to make it memorable with  Bollywood songs of your choice.

We are flexible and with large collection of music and songs try to make it more personal to match the ambience and your aspirations for your big day.  Sound system is included  with a microphone for the priest and we use the latest digital equipment.


We have recorded our own wedding songs albums in India. The music was composed by one of the best music directors of Gujarat. Those who prefer live singing, we have the pre-recoded tracks of our albums and can sing live during the ceremony coordinating with the priest

We are also proud to introduce our two newly recorded studio albums of wedding songs and music: ‘Wedding Celebrations Part 1’ and ‘Wedding Celebrations Part 2’, with elegant musical direction and an expansive, live-sounding production.

The 27 tracks include beautiful semi-classical arrangements of live flute, shenai, sitar and vocals to enhance any pre-wedding celebrations and wedding ceremony with a blend of the traditional and modern sounds of India.

Having the right music can transform your wedding from the ordinary into a magical day that will live forever in the memories of all those who attend. Our music will bring that extra magic through our shared emotion, passion, entertainment and joy.