DJ background music or  live singing with  pre-recorded  music.

Mandvo (Mandap) ceremony

The mandvo ceremony is performed separately at the bride’s and groom’s houses to initiate the wedding, with prayers held to invite Lord Ganesh to give his blessings for the couple’s milestone day.

We can tailor our music choices and songs to your individual requests for a truly personalised ceremony coordinating with Maharaj.


The Pithi ceremony follows the Mandvo, when the bride or groom adorned with a traditional, cleansing paste (pithi) applied by family and friends to enhance their beauty.



We have a flexible range of performances for you to choose from, with an extensive musical repertoire of Traditional Gujarati, Bollywood Hindi songs and classical music:

  • DJ background instrumental music, traditional and Bollywood songs.
  • Live singing with our professionally pre-recorded background music (find out more about our studio wedding albums)

Sound System: included

Travel costs: negotiable