About Us


Indian Wedding ceremony, tradition, family, friends, happiness and enjoyment are all important elements in any Indian wedding event. Music can be hugely important in binding these elements together to create a wholly memorable and successful occasion.

Bansri Music understand music’s importance as a universal language that can speak to our emotions, heightening the beauty and spiritual meaning of ceremony, as well as bringing entertainment and life to any celebration.

We specialise in providing music for all Hindu wedding ceremonies and occasions, including engagements (Sagai, Chundadi,) Mehndi, Mandvo, Raas Garba and Sanjee parties. We can also provide old and new Bollywood songs for Mehfil nights, birthday parties, anniversaries and Navratri Raas Garba.

We offer four choices of musical performance which can be further tailored to meet your requirements:

  • DJ ceremony background music, traditional and  Bollywood songs for weddings
  • Live singing with our own professionally recorded wedding music and songs
  • Bollywood old and new songs. Live singing with  pre-recorded background music or DJ
  • Live performance from our highly talented and knowledgeable band.

Explore Bansri Music to make your perfect day.

We have performed at many different types of events. Please click some of the options below to understand what we can do to make your event special: